Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Referral !!!!!!!!

What a wonderful day. We finally got that CALL!!!! The girls and I were at the grocery store and I saw that our social worker called and I said to myself she is probably calling about getting our new fingerprints so I will call her when I get home. But when I got in the car, something told me to call her. When I did........I just couldn't believe my ears. She mentioned updating our fingerprints and immigration stuff and then she said....we have a referral. I just screamed. The girls were in the back looking at me like what is going on. She went on telling me about him and that she would email me the specifics. When I hung up, I called J and told him to stay home until I got there because we had a referral. We went home and the whole family gathered around the computer and opened the email. We just ooed and ahhhed. S said, "that's my little brother." I cried like a baby. R said what's wrong and I just told her that I was just so happy. I just held on to my girls and cried and continued to thank God. I cried when both of the girls were born and I just didn't know how I would react when that call came. It took me by surprise. It is so funny because lately I've been having these vivid dreams about a little boy. Well enough for now. This has been one emotional filled day. Please keep us in your prayers and pray for our little boy. I am still in shock and it is just too hard to write all of my emotions and thoughts right now. Let me just let this moment sink in. God is good.

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  1. Hey, I found you! I am so excited for you guys! Soon you will have a new family member! Whoo hoo! I can't wait to hear more.