Monday, August 9, 2010

Six Months Already?!

OK...maybe I am a little out of shape. What can I say but boys are totally different. W likes to be active all day. He is such an explorer. He likes to find out how things work by taking things a part. He loves to run, talk, throw, help, and oh did I say run. He likes Prince now. He likes to pull his tail and ears and feed him whatever he picks up that he thinks Prince may like. Prince likes him too. He doesn't get mad when W is a little rough. This summer has been busy for us. Vacations, VBS, family reunions, and now we have to settle down and get back to normal whatever that is. The girls go back to school tomorrow and they are pretty excited. However, I will miss their help with the busy body. He is going to really miss them too. I think he is starting to question if this is permanent. He seems to be grieving in his own way. I just keep thinking of all of the things my little man has been through in his three years. He is a brave little boy. Well all I can say is he has truly been a blessing and God really hand picked him for us because he definitely has our humor!!!