Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today we got our shots to go to Ethiopia. We are all ready to go to the Motherland. My arm is sore but it is well worth it. I thought waiting without the picture of the baby was torture. Now, it is a different torture. Can you tell I am just a liiiittle anxious. I keep thinking about... does he share a bed with another little boy, what is he doing , all kind of crazy thoughts. To top off all of the crazy thoughts, we had to get fingerprinted again!!! I am so ready for this paper pregnancy to end. It is like when you are in your last trimester and you are so uncomfortable you could scream. But when I look at his little face in the picture, I say to myself, he is almost home.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We have finally calmed down (a little). Well at least I can think straight again. I keep thinking about the movie "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy. I know I'm silly but those of you who know me know that I am silly. Seriously- I've been thinking about how life as a family of 4 is getting ready to change to a family of 5. How a family with 3 women and one man is now a family with 3 women and 2 men and Prince our lovely dog. (We still out number) Now we can't walk around in our underwear anymore. My girls love to do that. How there will be two people to blame about leaving the toilet seat up. I am sure that will make J happy. But this is a well welcomed change for our family.

We went looking for boy clothes and there just aren't many places with cute boy clothes. It felt funny looking in the boy section. I am used to looking at bows, ribbons, pretty dresses, PINK things. I don't think PINK will go for a boy. He has to be a man before he can sport anything that is PINK and wear it with confidence. J keeps telling us to calm down but it doesn't hurt to window shop. (Smile)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Referral !!!!!!!!

What a wonderful day. We finally got that CALL!!!! The girls and I were at the grocery store and I saw that our social worker called and I said to myself she is probably calling about getting our new fingerprints so I will call her when I get home. But when I got in the car, something told me to call her. When I did........I just couldn't believe my ears. She mentioned updating our fingerprints and immigration stuff and then she said....we have a referral. I just screamed. The girls were in the back looking at me like what is going on. She went on telling me about him and that she would email me the specifics. When I hung up, I called J and told him to stay home until I got there because we had a referral. We went home and the whole family gathered around the computer and opened the email. We just ooed and ahhhed. S said, "that's my little brother." I cried like a baby. R said what's wrong and I just told her that I was just so happy. I just held on to my girls and cried and continued to thank God. I cried when both of the girls were born and I just didn't know how I would react when that call came. It took me by surprise. It is so funny because lately I've been having these vivid dreams about a little boy. Well enough for now. This has been one emotional filled day. Please keep us in your prayers and pray for our little boy. I am still in shock and it is just too hard to write all of my emotions and thoughts right now. Let me just let this moment sink in. God is good.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We had a soggy 4th of July however, we made the best of it. We went to our friends and had a good time and then to the fireworks. It was a little chilly but we had a good view. We couldn't have a 4th of July without fireworks so we had to suck it up. I can't wait to bring our son with us next year. Hopefully (: This waiting will drive you crazy but I keep telling myself "in His time".