Monday, August 9, 2010

Six Months Already?!

OK...maybe I am a little out of shape. What can I say but boys are totally different. W likes to be active all day. He is such an explorer. He likes to find out how things work by taking things a part. He loves to run, talk, throw, help, and oh did I say run. He likes Prince now. He likes to pull his tail and ears and feed him whatever he picks up that he thinks Prince may like. Prince likes him too. He doesn't get mad when W is a little rough. This summer has been busy for us. Vacations, VBS, family reunions, and now we have to settle down and get back to normal whatever that is. The girls go back to school tomorrow and they are pretty excited. However, I will miss their help with the busy body. He is going to really miss them too. I think he is starting to question if this is permanent. He seems to be grieving in his own way. I just keep thinking of all of the things my little man has been through in his three years. He is a brave little boy. Well all I can say is he has truly been a blessing and God really hand picked him for us because he definitely has our humor!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Month Update

I can't believe it has been 4 weeks already. Our family seems to be adjusting fine. We have our bumps but nothing major. Wynston is starting to say and answer by his name. He says "Wynston Belete". We found out he is speaking two Ethiopian languages and we are starting to learn what he is communicating. It is really cute. He likes to repeat so he is also learning more English. I think he understand more English than he speaks. He likes Elmo, Barney, and Thomas the Train mostly. He will watch other Disney shows with the girls. He loves to dance to any kind of music and play with cars or anything that makes noise. We have a very lively house right now. But what he loves more than anything is being with his sisters and playing chase. He seems to get sad sometimes and look out of the window. I wish I could just read his mind. He is a strong little fellow. I feel that he is trusting me more each day. He still cries when I leave the house to walk the dog, or get the mail. It is heart breaking because I just think of all the loss he has had in his life. Hopefully, this phase will go by fast because I need to go back to the gym. Otherwise, we are doing fine. Oh I almost forgot to mention we took him to the pool. He didn't like the water at first but he would put his feet in it from the side. After watching everyone having fun, he loved it. He didn't want to get out. Now he is REALLY my son.

Friday, January 29, 2010

He's Here!!!!

We got back home Sunday. What a long trip back. W did good on the plane. He didn't like to wear the seat belt. We were on Emirates airline and they had monitors on every seat so W liked to push buttons and watch movies. This week he has been keeping me busy. Between the girls' schedule and him getting into everything, I will need to take some vitamins. We call him Wynnie the Explorer. He loves his big sisters. They play with him after homework which gives me a break. He is such a silly boy which makes him fit in with our family. He loves the bath and I hoping this means he loves the water. Right now, he is with Daddy getting his first hair cut. I know he is going to CLOWN!!

Ethiopia was beautiful and I was asked several times if I was Ethiopian. That is a big compliment because Ethiopians are beautiful people. Going to Africa was a life changing experience for me. It is indescribable. Each day we woke up to chanting both Christians and Muslims. Both coexisting with no hatred. The sunrises made me feel that God was watching every step and had His hand in every moment. I could just feel His presence. Have you ever felt like this is where you are supposed to be? Well this is one of those experiences for me. I know this is where I am supposed to be in my life. So the lesson I have learned-- when you feel that tugging on your heart, stop fighting it because God's plan is better than your plan anyday.