Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update/Stupid Questions

Wynston has been transferred to the Children's Home Society Orphanage in Addis Abba. He will be there until we get him. He has lost one pound since being there. He was already little and this just makes me wish I had magical powers to speed up the process so I can get him here. This little guy must be so confused. He probably was attached to the nannies in Hosanna and then now he is in a new environment with new nannies and children. Please keep praying for him through all of this change. You know how change can be challenging for us, just imagine a two year old.

I just wanted to let everyone know that just because I am not physically pregnant with him, doesn't give people a right to say rude or inappropriate things. Would you come up to me if you could see that I was pregnant and say those insensitive things? Just a few comments that people have said....Is he healthy? A lady asked me that at church last night and I kind of got emotional because I am worried about his weight loss. I don't even know the lady. Other stupid questions- Are the kids you have now adopted? (In front of them), Can you have children? Where is his parents? Why not adopt domestically? (Have they adopted!! or what are they doing about orphans) Don't get me wrong, if people ask me questions because they have a heart for orphans or may be thinking about adopting or who really care for me and my family, I am more than willing to share. But for the NOSIES..... STOP BEING A SIMPLETON OR PLAIN IGNORANT!!!! Okay....I feel better:) I don't have to get the vasaline and tell J to hold my earrings so I can knock somebody out. (Ya'll know I have to keep it real)